Holistic Wellness in St. Petersburg

Unsure what your blood type is? We can help with that. 

Blood Type Test

Holistic Wellness Services

May safely and gently detoxify your body from common chronic symptom causing agents such as heavy metals, mold, pesticides and other toxic chemicals. Safe for adults and children.

Detox ionic footbath

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Nutrigenomics is the study of the effect of food and food constituents on gene expression, and how genetic variations affect the nutritional environment. This consultation includes your Genomic Resource Kit order and post result follow-up evaluation (results take typically 4-6 weeks). Deposit required at time of booking. Follow-up evaluation includes a 60 min test result consultation, supplement protocol (supplements not included), and dietary protocols.

Nutrigenomic Consutation

Conversation about how thought works - What if I told you life doesn’t ever happen TO you, and that all your experiences happen from the inside out. Yep! It’s true! Your well-being exists independently of any circumstance. I can help you connect with the part of you that exists outside of your own personal circumstance that you may identify as “your” life. You are always only one thought away from being free of a habit, addiction, and anxious or sad thoughts…

Transformational Coaching

Want to take a deeper look into the underlying cause of your pain, fatigue, weight gain or other symptoms? Are you new to a holistic approach to wellness but aren’t sure where to start? Spend 90 minutes in an in-depth consultation discovering how you can begin to remove obstacles to cure, to return your body to optimal health and wellness. Your practitioner may discuss dietary protocols, lifestyle changes, exercise implementation, perform physical exams, tongue and pulse diagnosis, etc.

Wellness consultation

Every person is unique. Not all individuals feel well on the same fad diets. Learn what personalized foods and supplements can help you lose weight, feel more energized and restore optimal wellbeing. Learn the importance of certified organic whole food nutrition and how to find the healthiest whole food options in Florida. Includes Blood Type test (take home or in office) and Chinese medical tongue and pulse diagnosis. 90 minutes.

“Your Type” Nutritional Consult

Get healthier without pharmaceuticals. 

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