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The Florida's Natural Farmacy Team

Dr. Carolyn Qubeck is a dual board-certified Acupuncture Physician and Naturopathic Doctor with a passion for helping patients find healing with integrative health. Dr. Qubeck has spent countless hours studying natural approaches to healthcare, with focuses in Acupuncture, Nutrition, Botanical Medicine, Homeopathy, Mind/Body Medicine, Environmental Medicine, Digestive Health and Food Sensitivities, Brain Health and Antiaging. 

Dr. Carolyn

She works with every patient to create an individualized comprehensive plan that encompasses lifestyle, diet, nutrition, genetic research, environmental stressors, supplementation and other modalities, to help in restoring optimal health.  

She has worked extensively under Dr. Peter D’Adamo, author of Eat Right for Your Type and other Blood Type Diet publications and has trained in the application of Blood Type and Genotype Diets, personalized dietary plans that are well documented to improve overall health and wellbeing. She also studies the evolving field of nutrigenomics, utilizing genetically influenced nutritional protocols to maximize health outcomes. 

As a NCCAOM certified Acupuncture Physician, Dr. Qubeck has the ability to provide Acu-point injection therapy, cupping and other Chinese Medicine modalities.

When not at the clinic, she enjoys spending time with family, friends and pets. She loves being outdoors and has an appreciation for nature and all lifeforms big and small. She also has a passion for travel and has been a flight attendant for over 17 years, helping her crew members deal with the stressors of frequent travel and everchanging environments. She is grateful to have the opportunity to help others remove obstacles to cure and live healthier happier lives.

*Naturopathic Doctors in Florida*
Dr. Qubeck earned a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2016. Currently, Naturopathic Doctors are not licensed in the state of Florida. The Florida Naturopathic Physicians Association is working to pass legislation that will allow qualified Naturopathic Doctors to practice primary healthcare in the state. Even though Naturopathic Doctors have held licenses to practice medicine in Florida since the 1920’s, the state no longer issues new licenses. For more information on licensing efforts, visit the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians at:

Dr. Qubeck is a primary care practitioner practicing in the state of Florida as an Acupuncture Physician (AP or DOM). Prescribing nutrition and herbal formulas as well as dietary protocols is within the AP scope of practice in the state. Wellness or Nutrigenomic Consultations are for informational and educational purposes only and not intended to diagnose or treat disease but help restore optimal function.   

Dr. Saberi was born and raised in Washington DC. He attended medical school in Pécs, Hungary, and graduated in 2001 with honors. He worked with Doctors Without Borders, in both Afghanistan and Sierra Leone, from 2001-2003, along with national awareness projects regarding humanitarian aid in the United States. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, and completed his residency at The University of Tennessee, 2005-2008.

Ali Saberi, M.D.

Dr. Saberi and his family moved to St. Petersburg, FL in 2008, where he has worked to build a thriving practice. He utilizes an integrative approach, and while he enjoys all aspects of medicine, Dr. Saberi has a passion for the mind-body-spirit connection. He diligently endeavors to bridge the gap between the tangible and non-tangible. He values the principle of fluidity in science, never restricting himself from the possibility of growth, and he appreciates the ever-changing nature of medicine. In order to provide the best quality care for all his patients, Dr. Saberi apprises himself of the most current research and methods of application. A key priority is to accept each patient, and scenario, without judgment.

In addition to his Board Certification in Internal Medicine, he is also certified in wound care and Hyperbaric therapies. He serves as Medical Director for BayCare Home Health Care, and enjoys variety in medicine, having experience in Palliative Care, Sports Medicine, Hospital Medicine, and Alternative Medicine. Seeing patients daily, dealing with all kinds of concerns, allows Dr Saberi to utilize an Integrative approach.

Beyond the above professional interests, Dr. Saberi enjoys playing soccer, listening to music, reading a wide range of books, learning about different cultures, and spending time with his family.

Dual Therapist specializing in Massage and Skin care with a background in Medical and Chiropractic care. Services offered are Medi-Cupping, Lymphatic and Pre-Natal, Myofascial and Neuromuscular Massage. Recently added Table Thai massage to certifications and trained in K Taping.

Sarah Henley

Mandy Blume is A Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP), Nutritional Response Tester (NRT), and a Certified Traditional Foods Chef. Author of a Best-Selling Cookbook supporting foster kids while empowering individuals to get into the kitchen and build a stronger immune system.
Mandy is the force behind the advocacy portal and website of the same name, Real Food Recovery, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to children-at-risk; our Foster/Orphan children.

Mandy Blume

Dr. Lara is a Nationally Board-Certified Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist. She has obtained three degrees including a Masters in Oriental Medicine and B.S. in Professional Health Sciences from East West College of Natural Medicine, and a B.A. in Information Systems Management from the University of South Florida. She also has received certification in Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy (APIT) and Cold Laser Therapy.   

Dr. Larissa Smith

As a primary care physician, Dr. Lara is dedicated to helping patients of all ages who seek alternative solutions to conventional medicine for any type of condition, acute or chronic. She believes that a holistic healthcare approach including the mind, body & spirit is key to maintaining a balanced and thriving life. Lara is originally from Denver, Colorado and enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, hiking, martial arts, and dance.

As an Acupuncturist Daniel approaches his patients with the personal understanding that injury is reactive healthcare, and that being proactive, providing prevention through wholistic means is best for the patient’s best outcome. Daniel graduated from the New York College of Health Professions in 2008 with a Master’s of Science in Oriental Medicine where he also taught the fundamentals of Chinese Medicine in the school’s ........

Dr.Daniel Litwin, LAC, LMT

massage program while building his private practice, and has received his Doctorate degree from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.
I believe that all healing begins from within. All organisms have the function of life and the ability to maintain that life. This is why I believe in natural and wholistic approaches to healthcare to be proactive and not reactive.

Heather is a nationally board certified diplomate of acupuncture and herbal medicine (NCCAOM). She completed her medical training at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, Oregon. As a licensed Acupuncture Physician, she is passionate about treating patients from a holistic and integrative perspective that supports body, mind, and spirit. 

Heather J. Pooler, A.P., Dipl. O.M.

Specializing in pain management, stress reduction, hormonal support, immune support, digestive health, life transitions, trauma, mental-emotional health, and AcuDetox. She is a
certified Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist (ADS) and has treated patients in both inpatient and outpatient recovery programs. In her free time Heather enjoys yoga, running, walking, cycling, reading and cooking healthy meals.

What a wonderful spot!! I saw Miranda and she greatly helped me with the shoulder pain I have been experiencing, and gave me some suggestions for stretches to incorporate into my days. I will be back!

I received a very comprehensive evaluation with options for testing and a plan of action. I enjoyed the atmosphere because it was very calming and bright.

I had an excellent experience. Miranda gave me a myofascial / neuromuscular massage and she was outstanding. She explained every step and was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. 

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