Anti-Aging Treatments in St. Petersburg

Includes consultation to discuss weight loss goals, acupuncture, or injection therapy (Fat Buster or adipose homeopathic).

Follow up appointments are a brief review of supplementation or dietary protocols in addition to acupuncture and/or injection therapy. 

Anti-Aging Body Contour

Holistic Anti-Aging Treatments

Treatment uses fine needles inserted under the skin to induce ones body to products its own collagen thus filling in lines and wrinkles naturally and without the need for synthetic fillers. Skin mask, lifting acupuncture, facial cupping and/or homeopathic Collagen, Facial or tissue matrix injections. The "program" Option includes 10 sessions (1.5 hr each), 1-2 sessions per week recommended for optimal results. 

Anti-Aging Facial Rejuvenation

NAD is a co-enzyme that is found in all living cells and is essential to living. NAD levels drop as we age and by supplementing our body’s supply, we help repair our brain through this incredible infusion.

NAD is essential to living and is found in every cell of all living things. When we are born, our body is replete with NAD, however, as we age our bodies slow in the reproduction of NAD. This results in our body’s inability to recycle NAD, or to synthesize new NAD. This decline is associated with aging and loss of vitality.

NAD infusions go into the brain through the blood stream resulting in improved brain function and health. 

If you are feeling the effects of age, often brought on by stress and anxiety, NAD can help you begin to better. After the first infusion, results can be noticeable; such as feeling better overall and an improvement in energy and memory. Some patients also report improved awareness, enjoyment and even simple pleasures as enhanced sight and taste.

NAD+ (IV INFUSION) - Coming Soon!

Get healthier naturally. 

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